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This is a story of a typical couple who fell in love and married January of 84. Dan & Julie Barron were blessed at an early age, as they were both born in California & raised by the sea. It was pre-destined that they were to first meet each other 24 years later by Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Two years after meeting they became believers & were united in marriage, believing that all things are possible through Christ, they started their pilgrimage & step by step, by the grace of God are where they are now.



Their life together started in the Sierra Nevada where they began building their dreams. Most newlyweds typically dream about raising a family, building a home and watching their empire grow. Well this couple began their empire in other people’s lives, believing that there was more to life than just working, paying bills, raising kids and 2-car garage. They continued to work hard sharing everything they had, with different people they meet along the way. As years passed and they have developed many relationships, CA, NV, Arkansas, the kind that grew deeper than most friendships and still continue to this day.



Danny had many dreams that he believed God for, which many have now been accomplished. Julie had only a few which through faith… she has been able to turn the pages of her life. As they grow older together they continue to share their life with people God brings along their path. They moved to St Croix, in the US Virgin Islands to conquer another dream. Danny became a sailor and Julie his first mate, they have been sailing the Caribbean Sea for 10 years. We invite you to come and share in their dreams enjoy a relaxing sail on the kindred spirit.



Gods speed to all… and may God’s breath fill your sails!